Prendo is India’s premier Luxury Handbag Online Rental platform. The Netflix of designer luxury wear. Prendo is an ecommerce startup leasing handbags from 20 luxury designers such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Burberry and Jimmy Choo to name a few.
A young company focussed on luxury, technology and customer service. We love luxury and all that it stands for. We believe in the power of labels and self expression. With Prendo, you need not confine yourself to what you own. Its time to break free and Indulge.

At Prendo, we are looking for a fashion stylist

1. Plan, style products and source clothes for photoshoots
2. Write short blog posts and do research about the world of luxury fashion
3. Give style advice to customers
4. Help in merchandising of Luxury brands
5. Plan blogger collabs
6. Create fun vlogs on channels like snapchat and instagram

1. Deep interest in the world of luxury fashion
2. Avid reader of Vogue, Elle, L’officiel
3. Understanding of Luxury designer brands
4. Intermediate photoshop/illustrator skills
5. Great sense of fashion
6. Instagram/snapchat addicts

You will be working as a part of the core team and thus be seeing your work put into action every single day.

All interested candidates can send in their resumes to with FASHION JOBS INDIA as the subject. (Emails with incorrect subject names will not be considered).