Nadine Designs

Nadine Dhody is a Mumbai based fashion label which launched in 2014. We focus on creating Modern Indian wear and pay special attention to highlighting all our garments with truly intricate and special embroidery detailing.

We are looking to hire a  Production Coordinator.

Job Description:

1. Minimum 1-2 years of work experience related to merchandising, client servicing and production.

2, Experience In tailoring,, ability to work with the tailoring unit to execute client orders from start to finish ( this includes handling client fittings and alterations)

3. Experience in embroideries , basic understanding of design process including how embroideries are executed and knowledge of embroidery materials.

4. Ability to communicate with clients, following up on orders from start to finish

5. Good at sketching

All interested candidates can send in their resumes to with FASHION JOBS INDIA as the subject. (Emails with incorrect subject names will not be considered).





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