Ishana brings together the authentic Indian experience of fine living to the global center stage. The well-appointed Home Decor, Crafts and Apparel collections are balanced and well complemented by spaces that allow for inward rejuvenation via Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Spa therapy. As a whole, Ishana creates a lasting impression of the multifaceted cultural fabric of the country.

They are looking to hire a Buyer & Merchandiser.

Job Profile:

Product Development and Planning

• Analyze the past sales figures, customer feedback and trends to anticipate and plan future product requirement or to introduce new product range.
• Identify new products which are in alignment with the brand ideology
• Finalize the new range in consultation with the Reporting Manager.
• Plan optimum order or reorder quantity in consultation with the Reporting Manager and with the Commercial Head.

Vendor Management

• Visit vendors to select products, to negotiate price and check quality of the products before placing orders.
• Communicate and reconfirm all the terms and conditions of the PO with the vendor before finalizing the order to avoid any ambiguity in transaction
• Regular maintenance of vendor relationships.

Internal Process Management

• Ensure accurate and complete paper work with vendor while placing new order or while placing a reorder.
• Send the invoice details to the Commercial Head and seek his approval before finalizing the PO with the vendor.
• Ensure the Commercial Department sends the VRF (Vendor Registration Form) to the vendor and the details of the new vendor are correctly and timely submitted back to the Commercial department by the Vendor.
• Send the Item Master to the Warehouse MIS Incharge to create barcodes.
• Create and send VM Sheets to the store while introducing new products.
• Send Shelf Talkers or product information tags to the store along with products.
• Send the payment request to the Commercial Head (CH) at least 15 days in advance.
• Visit the store once in a week to check the display
• Train the sales staff on maintaining the VM of their sections and assist them with product knowledge.

Stock and Inventory Management

• Monitor stock movements based on MIS reports, plan order /reorder; consider mark-downs; inter-branch transfers; promotions or clear-outs on the basis of the item report.
• Plan the final order/reorder and MRPs in consultation with the vertical head.
• Ensure correct packing, pricing, labeling of the products in coordination with the warehouse team before the products are sent to the store for selling.
• Responsible for timely deliveries of the products from the vendors.
• Ensure minimum wastage and damage of the inventory.
• Assist the Head of Product Development in planning the product range for the next season.

Market Analysis

• Take customer feedback about the products from Sales staff and from Customer feedback forms.
• Study market and competition to understand trends and price points to understand our price points and design trends and plan strategy to outperform the competition and increase market share.
• Study the sales trends and plan promotional activities with marketing team to boost sales volumes.

Data Management

• Maintain a file which should carry information of all the vendors, copy of invoice, pictures of selected products, their price, description of material used to develop the product.
• Assist the accounts team by submitting all the invoices and by providing them with information related to bills, payments, outstanding and purchase returns.
• Support the audit team by giving them complete and accurate information.
• Resolve issues that may arise as result of these audits.

All interested candidates can send in their resumes to with FASHION JOBS INDIA as the subject. (Emails with incorrect subject names will not be considered).