Fizzy Goblet

Fizzy Goblet is a young and rapidly growing e-commerce firm. We believe in making products that will delight and engage a customer.
We come up with a new collection every 2 months and we thrive in the challenge. Our small team consists of exceptionally talented and hardworking people who like juggling more than a few roles and stepping in whenever required.

We are looking to hire someone as Operations Executive.

Quickly learn how to operate our software and learn how to process our orders
Be able to ship out our special customer orders and our online orders
Maintain organised records for sales, purchase orders, inventory, exchanges and backordered products
Maintain a clean and well organised stock area.
Be comfortable talking on the phone and sending emails
Handle products returns impressively, we stand behind every product and pride ourselves in no hassle returns.
Know every product inside and out
Try and fulfil the needs of all our customers both online and offline
Give feedback to help make products better.

All interested candidates can send in their resumes to with FASHION JOBS INDIA as the subject. (Emails with incorrect subject names will not be considered).





Fizzy Goblet