Enhance – by Ameeta Kapur

A high end Indian bridal gallary at Nepensea Road since the last 25 years!

Tamasha – Restro Bar at lower Parel

Jalwa – Restro Bar at Bandra

Lord of the drinks – Bar in Andheri

If you havent heard of been to any of these places you are not the right person for the job!

Paid internship working full time with Apeksha Kapur designing bridal wear and traditional indian dresses at Enhance by Ameeta.

Also assisting with my managing of restro bar of Tamasha at Lower Parel, Jalwa in Bandra and Lord of the Drinks in Andheri.

The candidate has to be multi taletened, smart, well dressed with a good fashion sense and be ready to work late hours especially on weekends, afterall the work is to dress well and party!!!

All interested candidates can send in their resumes to Apekshakapur@hotmail.com with FASHION JOBS INDIA as the subject. (Emails with incorrect subject names will not be considered).