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‘Fashion is definitely not the most conventional of career directions and more so, in a land that adheres to conventional choices. Opportunites are endless and yet, access is limited. When I, as a passionate student, wanted to explore this particular segment I found my options extremely restricted.

Fashion Jobs India serves as a stepping stone to all those on the lookout for a career in fashion. From internships to permanent jobs to freelance work, this website provides you with a route to your destination, to your dream and moreover, to a career in something you love’ says Founder, Masoom Minawala.


We want to present each one of you with a platter of probability’s. We give you the court, you play your game!

We update our website daily with vacancies in various sectors of fashion such as Marketing, Writing, Sales, Magazines, Design, Graphics etc. You, as a prospective employee can apply directly to the job you prefer.


If you’re on the other side and on the lookout for some dynamic talent for your company, be it employees or interns, paid or unpaid, Visit our post a job page.